Another question we frequently get with The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour  is what do the performers look for and expect upon their arrival at the event. So I’ll give you a quick break down of some things to do and be aware of.  And every show is different, every event is different, and has their own specific concerns, and guidelines and expectations as well. So things do change. So we keep a general format to ensure everybody’s success and satisfaction with The Pub and Grub Comedy Tour. And then any changes that do come up or any situations that do arise, we’re able to handle them much easier, because we’re well equipped to do so. 

So the first thing The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour performers look for is WHO TO CHECK IN WITH UPON ARRIVAL. 

So that’s going to be the show manager, the venue owner, the event contact, whoever it might be, have that person available, so that someone who knows what’s going and familiar with the venue and the event, and is going to be able to answer any specific questions that our performers might have.  Things like how to order a drink quickly and efficiently without getting in the way, or how to order off the menu if food is available. Another thing to be aware of is a lot of times performers do not eat before the show, but they will probably be hungry afterwards. If your kitchen is going to close during the show, while the show is taking place, inform the performers of that let them know that they can order ahead of time and it can be put into a microwave or under a heat lamp or in a warmer, or something like that. So they can have something to eat, when the show is done.  

Also, please give the performers specific content guidelines, if you have any. In most places, they’re perfectly okay with sort of an “anything goes” vibe as long as you keep them laughing and leave them wanting more. They’re Rated R and no holds barred. That’s why we go for the establishments that serve the over-21 crowd, so there’ll be no kids around. That’s why we perform in bars and clubs, not churches in schools. However, there are some places where there are some specific content guidelines, or things that the comedians may need to be aware of that are specific to your venue or event that if the subject gets brought up, that it may cause some problems or complaints.  If there’s anything like that concerning your event or venue, please inform the comedians very in a very specific way as to what that is. I’ll give you a quick story… We did a show a while back, and as part of preparation for the show, I’m in communication with The Pub and Grub Comedy Tour performers, and over the cell phone I gave the reminder that there has to be “NO RATED R” material. I said, “NO Rated R.”  This is a venue that was looking for a squeaky clean show along the lines of PG to maybe PG-13 rated material.  And over the cell phone the comedian thought I said, “GO Rated R.”  and went on stage with some of the most adult, edgy, and pushing-the-envelope material. And it was completely the opposite of what the venue expected. Had someone, upon arrival, been able to accurately, explicitly, and specifically explain to the comedian’s to “stay out of the bedroom and the bathroom” with their material. If they used the phrase “No Rated R at all”, instead of just saying, “Well, don’t do any political jokes.”

It would have been much more clear to the performer, as a final reminder before they got on stage to not do the rated R material, which did result in complaints and a negative situation. So that’s what we’re trying to avoid. We’re not there to ruin anybody’s night. We are not there to challenge anybody’s political beliefs. There’s no indoctrinations, or anything like that, we’re there to make sure everybody has a great time, sharing some laughs, having some drinks and blowing off steam, forgetting about the real world and offering them a mechanism for escape, at least for a few hours. So please give the performers any specific content guidelines that you may have, if you have them. If you don’t have them. That’s great. Let them know, “hey, anything goes here.” As long as people are having fun, laughing and you leave them wanting more. That’s rule number one. 

The third thing the performers look for is any announcements that you might have regarding upcoming events, drink or food specials that you might want the crowd there to know about. Please give those to the performers and ask them to make that announcement at the beginning, the middle, and the end of their shows. That’ll be very helpful not only to the comedians, but also to help make the cash register ring.  Also give the comedians a reminder to announce and promote any upcoming comedians or The Pub and Grub Comedy Tour shows that you have on the future line-up of events. You have an audience that is already there. They’re known ticket buyers. A buyer is a buyer. Get tickets sold and reservations made for any up coming Pub and Grub Comedy Tour events at your location. 

And finally, the most important thing, is allow the comedians to familiarize themselves with the sound equipment available, if it’s there in house. Allow them to do a microphone check, make any adjustments to the microphone stand, or set the stage in any way that they are going to be more comfortable with. Every comedian is different and has different preferences. But in general, a basic handheld working mic (corded is usually preferred over cordless, just because there seems to be less problems and variables to solve if there are problems) and a small stool or small table on the stage, as well, for the comedian’s to put their drink on, or anything else that they might bring to the stage. So allow give the comedians access to the stage to do the microphone sound-check, familiarize themselves with the arrangement, and allow them to make any changes or adjustments as needed. With our shows, we typically have portable sound and lights. So you don’t have to handle any tech stuff. And in those cases, the comedian’s will arrive early.  Please give them the space and the access to electrical outlets, things like that that may be needed. Typically speaking, they get there an hour to two hours before the show to set all that up. So there’s still time for a meet-and-greet before show-time. 

So that’s basically it. What we’re looking for when the comedians arrive at your venue for The Pub and Grub Comedy Tour, the performers expectations break down to:

  •  knowing who the contact is at the venue. 
  • specific content guidelines if you have any, 
  • announcements to make regarding upcoming events, food and drink specials, things like that, 
  • and access to the stage in order to familiarize themselves and check the sound and stage settings. 

That’s pretty much it. This is Jeremy from The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour.  If you have any questions, you can reach out to me at anytime 515-423-0141 with a text message or phone call and I’ll get back to you right away.


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