1. Fame Is Lame. Invest in Quality, Not Celebrity

If the only way to sell out a show is by booking a household name (or getting lucky), then our method would not have stood a chance over the last 25 years.

The easy belief that “celebrity” is the only way to sell out shows can be quickly debunked.  The assumption in comedy is that if they are not a famous household name, no matter how well they perform, the crowd will stay away — which is the opposite of the truth.

All of the marketing studies show us that the main thing the audience member cares about is the overall experience by achieving the desired result of the event.  When someone attends a comedy show, what they care about far and above all else is laughing .  Imagine that, right?   If they laugh at unknown talent, you leave them wanting more.  If they don’t laugh at the celebrities, you get more of them leaving… and most likely never coming back.

Bypass celebrities, and bring in seasoned, road-tested comedians that can close a show for a bar crowd.  Then you can use a fraction of the dollars, otherwise spent on “name recognition,” in an efficient, well-organized tried-and-true marketing campaign instead.  This puts butts in seats and keeps costs low for you without skimping on quality.  At the end of the night you will be applauding the profits.

 The small and growing nightclub, tavern, or neighborhood bar is hosting comedy night as a one-night-only special event.  An event that will get the public’s attention and attract new customers, while also giving the loyal regulars something new and different.   

This is their first time (or one of the few times)  they have hosted a Comedy Night at their establishment. They are working with a smaller population and usually a smaller capacity.    Inefficient guess-work and hoping for the best is usually not affordable.  The astronomical fees and demands that come with hiring a celebrity comedian is usually not doable.

You need to keep costs low, but can’t sacrifice the quality of the experience for your customer. Because of our national network and connections, we have the power to rotate headliners on a budget, while not skimping on quality.

Discovering and assembling unknown talent into a ruthlessly efficient marketing machine that consistently and reliably sells out shows, and then watching them become stars, is one of the pleasures of running The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour.

The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour headliners are hand-picked based on their ability to connect with a blue-collar, drinking audience. Many of them have large social media followings and appearances on HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, Netflix, Bob & Tom Radio, and all the Late Night talk shows.

You will get a memorable entertainment experience at a bargain.

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