How Long Should Your Comedy Night Last? Let's Talk About It!

So, you’re thinking about putting on a live comedy night at your bar/restaurant, huh? That’s awesome, man! 

Comedy is like chicken wings – it’s always better when you’ve got a cold beer to wash it down with.

Now, when it comes to the length of your comedy night, there’s no hard and fast rule. 

But if you ask me, the ideal length is somewhere between “long enough to make it worth their while” and “short enough to not make them regret coming in the first place.”

Here’s the thing, though… 

It’s all about pacing. 

You want to start strong and end strong, with a steady stream of laughs in between.

And if you can keep that pace up for 90 minutes to 2 hours, you’re golden. (Especially with adult beverages involved.)

But if you start dragging it out, your audience is gonna start checking their phones and wondering when the hell this thing is gonna be over.  

And if you wrap it up too quickly, they’re gonna feel like they got ripped off.

With The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour, we find that sweet spot. We keep the laughs coming, but don’t overstay our welcome. 

We follow the rule “Always leave ’ema wanting more.”

We know balance, so your customers are gonna leave happy, with a smile on their face and a buzz in their head.

To make it full night’s event, we also arrive early for a meet & greet, and stick around for an after-party, when the show is done.  This keeps your customers there for a drink or two after the show as well.

Are you ready to give your customers The Funniest Night of Their Lives?

Call me at (515) 423-0141 and we will make it happen

In 10 minutes or less, we will help you create a killer comedy night customized for your unique establishment and clientele.  


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