One of the most frequently asked questions that we get from the owners, managers, operators, and event coordinators that are bringing in The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour™ to their nightclub, tavern, neighborhood restaurant and bar, is….

What night of the week is best to bring in The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour™?

Would it be a Friday or a Saturday? Or sometime during the week- Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday?

And by far, over the last several decades, this has not really changed at all. Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular and busiest nights, as you can imagine, in general, for The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour™. With Saturday’s even a little more popular than Friday nights.

That said, most venues that do bring in The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour™ during the week (Sunday through Thursday) report similar success stories.  (As long as we follow the formula to properly publicize and present the event.)

So, it really just depends on what you already have happening at your establishment. What is already on the entertainment lineup, what is already scheduled for your bar, as well as what might already be happening around town.

There are some small differences in the publicity for the event.

If you bring in The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour™ during the week, you can expect to see less “day of” ticket sales. In general, a weekday show is the type of thing that people will plan in advance a little bit more than their last-minute decision-making when it comes to their weekend recreation. So we want to focus on advanced ticket sales during the publicity of the show.

Dinner-Shows tend to work the best when you’re planning The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour™ during the week.  It can be promoted “date night” event and mid-week stress relief.

We’ve also noticed that an earlier start time tends to work the best during the week, with a little bit shorter of an overall show, and slightly less of an after-party.  So that way, people can still get home early enough to be up for work the next day.

You also have to look at what else in your area we might be up against. Especially if you’re in a smaller community, and there’s anything big happening, or any other popular events during the week, you probably don’t want to schedule The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour™ to compete with that stuff.

Every place is different and the dynamics are always shifting. So for the best approach, we will customize the strategy for you. And I’ll include a link that you can click to schedule a call with me to discuss the details. We can decide the best course of action for you, and set you up for success when  you bring in The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour™.


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